The Bottega staff includes 10 graduated winemakers who have specialized in the production of sparkling wines as well as in the distillation of grappa. The following profiles are particularly important and have a rich professional background:

  • Guglielmo Pasqualin. He graduated at the Enological School of Conegliano and he has put his inborn passion for the world of wine into his work. Great connoisseur of the territory named “Marca Trevigiana”, he has a natural talent for quality. His long experience, along with his undisputed managerial skills, make him a trained professional.
  • Andrea Minguzzi. The graduation at the Enological School of Conegliano laid the foundations of his unquestioned expertise related to grappa. After over 15 years of experience in the Bottega group, he developed a unique organoleptic sensitivity that he constantly demonstrates in the calibration and creation of "recipes" of spirits and liqueurs.
  • Andrea Agostinelli. He trained at the Enological School of Conegliano and completed his studies with a degree in Enologic and Viticulture Sciences at Padua university. In the production of Prosecco and other sparkling wines he is able to express his talent and personality in the best way. He pays homage to oenology with his undeniable ability to turn grapes into high quality wine.
  • Lorenza Scollo. She achieved a degree in Enologic and Viticulture Sciences at Udine university. Later on she completed her background with some professional experiences in winery. The special feeling for great red wines enhanced her tasting skills, an important tool to get the excellence.

The strong point of our staff of winemakers is cooperation and teamwork. Few companies in Italy and abroad, can boast a team of experts and professionals both in wine-making and in distillation, thus meeting the needs of a company that is a winery and a distillery at the same time.

The work of our winemakers is therefore the heartbeat of the company and is implemented in the direct management of:

  • The distillery in Bibano di Godega, dedicated to the production of grappa
  • The winery in Bibano di Godega, where Prosecco and other sparkling wines are produced
  • The winery in Pescantina, Valpolicella , where Amarone, Recioto, Ripasso, Valpolicella Classico and Classico Superiore are produced.
  • The winery in Montalcino, where we produce Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino