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Bottega prosecco Bar Istanbul Airport

ProseccoBar & Caffè - Istanbul Airport
departure area

On 27 January 2023, a new Bottega Prosecco Bar & Café opened in the international departure area of Istanbul Airport. This is an extremely prestigious location, as it is located in the middle of the Luxury Hall surrounded by the boutiques of the most important and famous fashion brands. Istanbul Airport has significantly increased its air traffic in recent years, becoming one of the world’s major hubs.

Bottega prosecco Bar Rho Milan

ProseccoBar Terrace & Restaurant - Milano Rho Exhibition Centre

In 2022, Bottega has renewed its collaboration with the Rho/Milan exhibition centre, setting up an additional space within the expo centre, with an outdoor terrace on the upper floor. This permanent space joins the temporary Prosecco Bar on the ground floor.


ProseccoBar & Caffè - London Stansted Airport
departure area

On 21 July 2022, a new Bottega Prosecco Bar & Café opened in the departure area of London Stansted Airport. Another strategic location is thus added to the list of airports where the premium wine bar format created in 2014 is present. Passengers at one of London’s major airports will be able to taste our wines from sparkling to still wines. Each wine is expertly paired with traditional Italian gastronomic specialities, creating the Perfect Match.


ProseccoBar & Caffè - Venice International Airport
Extra-Schengen departure area

On March 14th, 2022 a new Bottega Prosecco Bar opened in the Extra-Schengen departure area of Venice airport.
Bottega’s quality food service format lands in the lagoon city, where the concept originated with the aim to evoke the tradition of Venetian bacari. Travellers will therefore have the opportunity to taste Bottega wines in combination with some gastronomic specialities of the Venetian and Italian tradition.

Bottega Prosecco Bar Stazione Napoli

Bottega Prosecco Bar - Napoli Centrale Railway Station

The Bottega Prosecco Bar, which opened its doors on 16 September 2021 in the new ‘Food Hall’ inside the Napoli Centrale railway station, lands for the first time in the city that is a symbol of Italian gastronomy and fine food culture. At the same time, it represents for the format the first location within the ‘Grandi Stazioni’ circuit, which ensures constant visibility for the brand.


ProseccoBar & Craft Beer - Dubai International Airport
T3 - Concourse A

On 8th November 2019  Bottega Prosecco Bar & Craft Beer in Dubai was inaugurated.
The new bar is one of the flagships of the project, as Dubai is the main airport hub in the world. The Arab Emirates airport is in fact the hub of most of the air connections between Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.


Bottega ProseccoBar & Restaurant - "Guglielmo Marconi" Bologna Airport

On September 9th the fourth Prosecco Bar opened in Italy, this time we are in the “Guglielmo Marconi” airport in Bologna. The bar is a tribute to the city which, thanks to the gastronomic excellence of its territory, is considered the gastronomic capital of Italy. The combination with Prosecco and other Bottega wines represents the added value of the concept.

14_Fiumicino Airport_2

Bottega Prosecco Bar – Aeroporto Di Fiumicino – Roma
T3 - Arrivals

On April 11th, 2019 we opened a Bottega Prosecco Bar in partnership with Autogrill at the “Leonardo da Vinci” airport in Fiumicino (Rome).
The Prosecco bar is located in the Avancorpo T3 area, reserved for international flights. This area is one of the main infrastructures provided for the airport’s Development Plan and has significant distinctive features, both in terms of its general architectural image and the quality of its interiors. It is therefore a perfect location for our Bottega Prosecco Bar.

18.Bottega Birmingham Arena

Prosecco Wine Bar – Birmingham Arena

On 4th April 2019 we opened a second Prosecco Wine Bar in Birmingham.
The new bar is located in the Birmingham Arena, in the city centre and in the heart of the city’s nightlife. The  Prosecco Wine Bar in Birmingham Arena covers an area of 300 square meters and can accommodate up to 142 seats, plus 40 in the outdoor area.


Bottega Prosecco Bar – Birmingham Airport

On 26th March, 2018 we opened a Bottega Prosecco Bar inside the international airport of Birmingham.

This Prosecco bar was created in partnership with SSP UK, the leading operator of food and drink concessions in airports, railway stations and motorway service stations. Birmingham Airport’s Bottega Prosecco Bar received the “Airport Bar of the Year award” from Drinks International Travel Retail Operator Awards 2018, the most important recognition in this trade.


Bottega Prosecco Wine Bar – Stazione FFSS, Belluno

On 20th February 2018 a new Bottega Prosecco Bar was inaugurated at the Belluno railway station, opened in partnership with Chef Express of the Cremonini Group. The space combines a fast food service in the name of quality, combined with a selection of wines and liquors Bottega.

16.Hyatt Hotel2

Bottega Prosecco Wine Bar – Hyatt Hotel, Oman

In July 2018 we opened another Bottega Prosecco Bar in the Arabian Peninsula. This time with a smaller format. The Bottega Prosecco Wine Bar was opened inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Muscat, the capital of Oman.   This customization was created in the spaces of the Italian restaurant “Tuscany”, award-winning for the quality of its cuisine.


Bottega Prosecco Bar Terrace – The Slaughterhouse, Guernsey

In April 2017 we opened, in collaboration with the English group Randalls, a Bottega Prosecco bar on the island of Gernsey, which is part of the Channel Island archipelago not far from the normal coast. The Bottega Prosecco Bar is located on the outside of the Slaughterhouse, a former slaughterhouse in the port of Saint Peter Port, which has been restored as a bar and restaurant.


Bottega Prosecco Bar - Burgas & Varna Airports, Bulgaria

In 2016 we landed on the Bulgarian coast.
In May we opened these two new Bottega Prosecco bars at the airports of Burgas and Varna. The two Bulgarian cities are located on the Black Sea coast, well-known seaside resorts, frequented especially during the summer period by tourists from Northern Europe.


Bottega Prosecco Wine Bar – Aeroporto Di Malpensa, Milano

In 2016 we opened the first Bottega Prosecco Wine Bar in Italy. The bar was created in collaboration with Chef Express at Milan Malpensa airport. A format designed to offer a restaurant where quality and speed of consumption are combined with a selection of wines and spirits.

02_Intercontinental Abu Dhabi

Bottega Prosecco Bar – InterContinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi

The second Bottega Prosecco Bar was opened in Abu Dhabi in 2015, on the outside of the charming InterContinental Hotel.  The Bottega Prosecco Bar in Abu Dhabi offers a modern and welcoming environment, designed with warm and natural materials such as dark wood and gilded metal.

01.Cinderella 2

Bottega Prosecco Bar – Viking Line Cinderella, Stoccolma

On 25th January 2014 we inaugurated the first Bottega Prosecco Bar, on board the prestigious Viking Line Cinderella, on the Stockholm-Mariehamn route.
The Viking Group is a shipping company that operates between Finland, the Åland Islands, Sweden and Estonia with a fleet of ferries and cruise ships.