Italy is known throughout the world for the warmth, elegance and style inherent in its culture, for its delicious cuisine, and for its excellent wines with great personality.

The Prosecco Bar is the concept created by Bottega to enhance and share Italy’s good wine, genuine food and convivial lifestyle, all over the world and in different contexts, from airports to resorts and shopping centers.

The collaboration of sommeliers, chefs, architects and designers has given shape to this idea, creating a welcoming and elegant environment where guests can enjoy a glass of Prosecco or another wine from the Bottega selection, paired with “cicchetti”, typical Venetian “bacaro” snacks, or accompanied by simple dishes made with genuine Mediterranean ingredients.


The quality of Italian products in the agri-food sector is known throughout the world. To protect and guarantee their typicality and excellence are the consortia and the relative denominations. In order to offer the best to our customers and allow them to have a real Italian experience, we choose to associate our wines and liqueurs, whose high standard is already recognized throughout the world, with the best of Italian production such as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Prosciutto di Parma DOP and Mortadella Bologna IGP just to name two of the main products recognized worldwide.

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