Prosecco & Champagne: a comparison


Prosecco and Champagne are among the most notorious wines in the world, nevertheless, their main characteristics are not known to everyone.

The two products firstly differ for area of production. In fact, Prosecco is cultivated in Italy in the Veneto and Friuli region, protected by the DOC and DOCG designations. On the other hand, Champagne is produced in the French region of Champagne, located in the North of the country, between the cities of Reims and Épernay.

Prosecco is mainly produced with the Charmat Method, also known as Martinotti Method, which foresees the vinification and second fermentation in stainless steel pressure tanks. The grape used to produce this wine, is Glera. Other grape varietals can be used in minor quantities; examples are Perera, Verdiso or Bianchetta

Champagne is produced exclusively with the Champenoise Method, or Classic Method, where the wine undergoes the second fermentation directly in the bottle. The longer the wine stays in direct contact with the yeast in this phase, better the quality of the final product. This French sparkling wine is produced with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. All three or just a few of these varietals can be used.

Another substantial difference is taste.
Prosecco is fresh and aromatic, with notes of apple, pear, peach, apricot and white flowers. It is a light and versatile product. On the other hand, Champagne tends to give a more intense and rich sensation in the palate, with complex secondary aromas and a typical fragrance of bread crust.

Bottega decided to send a bottle of Prosecco Gold and a bottle of Champagne, along with Grana Padano cheese, to a number of international journalists, asking them to compare and evaluate which wine is the best pairing to complement Italian food.

We are convinced that both are great wines, yet very different and thus best fit for specific foods and distinct occasions.

Our aim is to introduce and allow people to appreciate the unique and unmistakable characteristics of Prosecco: fresh, light and versatile taste! These peculiar elements make Prosecco a sparkling wine suited for every occasion and that can be enjoyed every day. To this extent, it represents perfectly the Italian Style. Its simplicity and elegance embody the values and lifestyle of Italy, that of conviviality and sophistication. During the past years, these traits made it possible for Prosecco to become the most known and acclaimed sparkling wine in the world.