Weddings and Ceremonies

Our proposals for your great day and for the most important celebrations:

Wines and liquors

Bottega’s wines and liqueurs make every moment of the ceremony special: refined bubbles for aperitifs and toasts, great red and white wines from Veneto and Tuscany to accompany the menus, grappas and liqueurs to sip at the end of the meal or to mix in original cocktails for the evening party.


Our sparkling wines in the 20 cl version are the ideal gift to impress guests and give a glamorous and contemporary touch to every wedding. Not only bubbles but also grappa, creams and liqueurs, extra virgin olive oil for the bride and groom who choose to give handmade products with a vintage flavor.

Customized bottles and large sizes

Sparkling wines are also available in large sizes Magnum (150 cl) and Jeroboam (300 cl), perfect for the toast and to be signed by all guests. They can also be personalized, upon request, with a silkscreen printed label or with text and images composed by precious crystals. Once opened they will become the memory of a unique day!

Tasting corner

Special white or aged grappa corners where guests can relax and enjoy grappas paired with chocolate or premium cigars.

Setting up

Thanks to the care of design, Bottega’s products and glasses also become extraordinary decorative elements, adapting to different arrangements and color palettes, and embellishing the wedding table.