Flavored wine-based drink

This drink is renowned for its unmistakable flavor of freshly-picked wild  strawberries.

The grapes are harvested in cases and vinified in red (must and skins are in contact). Afterwards, the wine is refermented in autoclave with the addition of natural aromas for a period of seven days. It is then cold stabilized for a week at a temperature of -2 °C and finally filtered and bottled.



Bottiglie per cartone: 6
Cartoni per pallet: 95
Peso bottiglia (lordo): 1,3 Kg
Dimensioni bottiglia: 8,4 x 31,5 x 8,4 cm
Peso cartone (lordo): 8,2 Kg
Dimensioni cartone: 25,5 x 32 x 17 cm

ABV: 10%

cl 75

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Brilliant with perlage in suspension. Pale ruby red, with strong pink shades.

Predominantly fruity aroma, with hints of wild strawberries.

Sweet, fresh, lively, with intense hints of wild strawberries and fruit.

Serving Temperature

6-8 °C

Serving Suggestions

Suitable at any time of the day, it is also an excellent aperitif. A superb companion to all common desserts, cakes and tarts.

Recommended glass



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