Acquavite d’uva


Acquavite d’uva

Grappa is obtained by distilling the fermented must in the presence of the skins, for which both the solid and the liquid part of the grapes are used. Clear, fresh and elegant, the First Taste Bottega grape brandy is produced from healthy and rich bunches of must, a precious raw material with a great aromatic charge. It stands out for its roundness, softness and refined and captivating aromas.


Veneto, Italy

ABV: 38%

50 cl

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Colorless, transparent and crystalline.

Clean, fresh and delicate, the nose has aromas of fresh fruit and a sweet note of vanilla in closing.

Elegant and refined, the palate is characterized by hints of fresh fruit and a pleasant floral aftertaste.

Serving Temperature

10/12° C

Serving Suggestions

Grappa is ideal at the end of a meal, as a meditation distillate. It must be consumed cold or iced and is an excellent ingredient for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks. Perfect combination of this First Taste Bottega grape brandy with chocolate, with orange peel covered with chocolate and with dehydrated exotic fruit.

Recommended glass

Bicchiere Assaggi

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