Bottega Gold Suite

The Bottega Gold Suite is a new concept that aims at promoting in an innovative and original manner hospitality facilities, in order to increase the occupancy rate of your best suites.

A few simple words that express the advantages:

  • Distinctness: very few hotel facilities offer a themed suite. Consumers are more attentive than ever to new trends and seek experiences that make them feel special. Thus, an exclusive service will set apart your hotel from the rest of the offering in your city.
  • Emotion: If wine in general is a product that prompts a high emotional response, Bottega Gold amplifies this feeling even more. The emotional component increases consumer engagement and in turn their willingness to purchase.
  • Communication: the suite can become an interesting subject to advertise as it perfectly responds to the rising trend of private, exclusive parties in hotel suites.

Our president and CEO Sandro Bottega believes that “a great wine deserves a great dress”. For this reason, we designed a unique and one-of-a-kind bottle for Bottega Gold. The idea underlining the personalization of the Bottega Gold Suite is to communicate the essence of the product: elegant, sophisticated style (without being excessive) and excellent quality.


  • Living area: the bottles become elegant components that enhance the surroundings thanks to their particular mirroring effect that distinguishes the bottles in all their different formats.


  • Washroom: it is the place dedicated to intimacy and pampering oneself. It is a place particularly suited to be embellished because more than any other place it reminds us that we are worth pampering. For this reason, the mirror has been enhanced with the unmistakable Venice skyline in gold finishing. The uniqueness of Venice and its gold, which inspired us in the creation of Bottega Gold, can be a source of inspiration for whoever looks into the mirror. The bath tub with its decorative bubbles will make the guest dream of a Prosecco bath.


  • Bedroom: it is designed to highlight the quality of Bottega Prosecco Gold and the principle of naturality that moves our company. To welcome guests, branches frame the bed and window, and are combined with an image of our vineyards in the DOCG area of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. A set of jars placed on the chest at the foot of the bed make it possible to approach Bottega Gold though our senses: every jar, in fact, offers a scent that defines our Prosecco Gold, such as Green Apple and white flowers.


  • Bar Area: it is the more playful and interactive area of the suite where the guest is invited to express his/her creativity. Indeed, in this area the guest will have the possibility to not only taste Bottega Gold, but also pair it with other products, giving them a first-hand bar tender experience. Bottega Spritz or Bottega Bellini are just an example of the cocktails that guests can create on their own. And if the result isn’t the best.. there is always the hotel bar, right?!