New opening for Bottega prosecco bar in Venice Marco Polo Airport


14 March 2022

Today we inaugurate the new Bottega Prosecco Bar was officially opened at Venice Marco Polo International Airport.

For this project a partnership was created between Bottega and Airest Retail, a company of the Lagardère Travel Retail Italia group, at the leading edge of the travel retail sector. The combination of Bottega’s tradition and innovation with Lagardère’s experience and expertise could only lead to an excellent result.

The opening of a Prosecco Bar inside Marco Polo airport is an important achievement, as Venice is a very popular and unique tourist destination. Venice is a symbol of Italy and an excellent location for the Bottega Prosecco Bar, which aims to represent Italian style and a passion for excellent wine and food.

The concept was created through the collaboration between sommeliers, chefs, architects and designers, who succeeded in giving shape to an idea inspired by the philosophy of the Venetian “bacaro”: an informal osteria, where food is presented mainly as “cicheti”, traditional snacks to be eaten at the counter. In order to meet the needs of modern travellers, the gastronomic offer varies from sweet and savoury breakfasts to dishes and snacks prepared fresh daily. In a warm and elegant environment, travellers can take a break in true Italian style and enjoy the “Perfect Match”, the ideal combination of a glass of wine from the Bottega selection and authentic Italian dishes, made with the finest ingredients.

Entering a Bottega Prosecco Bar means finding a piece of Italy. The warmth, elegance and good food, together with a good glass of wine, will make you live an experience in authentic Bottega Italian style.