Colors Vodka Bio Alexander

Organic Vodka

In vodka production, it is crucial to select the right ingredients because they can have an enormous impact on the quality of the final product.
Colors Vodka Bio Alexander is produced by fermenting an infusion of sugar extracted from pure organic grain only, a noble ingredient from which a characterful distillate is obtained.
Distillation methods are another important factor and can lead to varying quality levels. Vodka Biologica Alexander undergoes five phases of distillation during which we draw out its inherent aroma from the raw material and produce a rich complex distillate. Lastly, the addition of pure Alpine water imparts depth of flavor whereas filtration gets rid of any impurities that could otherwise alter its organoleptic profile.


Veneto, Italy

Bottles per carton: 6
Cartons per pallet: 60
Bottle weight (gross): 1.59 Kg
Bottle size: 9.6 x 31.5 x 9.6 cm
Carton weight (gross): 10 Kg
Carton dimensions: 33 x 33 x 23 cm

ABV: 38%

70 cl

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Colorless, clear and crystalline.

It has a clean intense nose characterized by a typical grain note and subtle balsamic accents.

Soft, round and full bodied, it is balanced on the palate with an aftertaste which fuses a flas

Serving Temperature


Serving Suggestions

It is best served chilled, even with ice. Thanks to its elegance, it can be enjoyed pure and is a perfect base in cocktails and long drinks.

Recommended glass



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