Banca Generali Private Milan and Bottega together for sustainability

Banca Generali Private Milan and Bottega together for sustainability

24 May 2019

Last May 9th, Banca Generali Private Milano dedicated a themed event to Bottega SpA at Palazzo Visconti in Milan, where we had the opportunity to present the case history of our company.


The main theme of the conference was a better understanding of business dynamics and how business investments change as a result. The event, called “Casa…e Bottega (Spa), quando cambia il clima in azienda e negli investimenti!” (Home…and Bottega (Spa), when the climate in the company and in investments changes), had as its focus the sustainability and the investments that follow this approach for a successful company.


During the evening, Sandro Bottega presented the company and all the actions taken over time with a clear and increasing focus on sustainability, based not only on the environmental perspective but the global development one. The company’s source of inspiration is without any doubt well represented by the 17 UN Principles for Sustainability. Some examples of the actions taken are the organic management of our vineyards, which prevents the release of 500 kg of synthetic chemicals into the environment every year. The selection of partners is also made according to strict criteria so as to collaborate with companies that cultivate organically or with standards of care for the environment. The production of wine, grappa and liqueurs uses electricity from renewable sources and attention to water waste thanks to recycling and reuse plants. The heating and cooling system is also based on renewable resources such as the geothermal plant.


During the speech, Sandro Bottega had the opportunity to discuss about the arguments with Prof. Marco Oriani -Università Cattolica di Milano, Federica Bossi and Andrea Orsi -Banca Generali Private, Fabio Borgiotti – Natixis, Carlo Benetti – Gam.


At the end of the speech, our Bottega Gold was the protagonist of the aperitif. A buffet was then served to accompany our wines: Ripasso della Valpolicella Doc and Pinot Grigio DOC Collio. The desserts were served with Il Vino dell’Amore Petalo Moscato and the Alexander Prosecco grappa in Grappolo Jeroboam: blow glass bottle with the bunch inside.


On this occasion, a room of Palazzo Visconti hosted the artistic exhibition “Spirit of Peace”, designed by Sandro Bottega to commemorate the nuclear tragedy of Hiroshima.


It was an honour for Bottega not only to take part in this event but also to be its guest of honour and to have the opportunity to debate with important personalities from the Italian economic panorama. Moments like these are the ones that push us to grow and improve every day.