Winelivery is the first Italian e-commerce that not only delivers within 30 minutes from the order but also at the right serving temperature. This innovative service is the right choice for those who, in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Bergamo and Florence, want a bottle of wine for a dinner or a special moment. Starting from December 2018, Bottega Gold, our most famous and desired Prosecco DOC, is available to all users of this website and of the iOS and Android app.

Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC has been increasing the offer of Winelivery sparkling wines and, in a few weeks, has won the favor of the public obtaining wide approval.

Wine has always been considered the perfect complement to a dinner with friends and this type of consumption is becoming more and more familiar and appreciated by the millennial generation. For this reason, Bottega has activated this partnership with Winelivery, which has been able to understand and correctly interpret this increasingly important trend of the current wine market.

How many times has it happened to organize a last-minute dinner, even just a pasta with friends, and not to have the wine at home? Or you have planned everything but forgotten to buy the wine? Now this will no longer be a problem because, whether it’s an last-time-organized dinner or a forgetfulness, you can have Bottega Gold, your favorite prosecco, at home in a record time ready to be shared with friends for your aperitif or accompanying the dinner you prepared.