Bitter Liquore

“Bitter”, the traditional Italian alcoholic aperitif, was invented in the early 1800s by pharmacists, doctors and spice makers. It represented a “revolution” insofar as it was the first bitter drink to be proposed before meals, as an aperitif, and not as a digestive at the end. The Bottega Bitter is derived from the marriage between Sandro Bottega’s desire for experimentation and Lamberto Vallarino Gancia’s love of tradition. The elegant packaging and sophisticated graphics make it the perfect product to celebrate the aperitif ritual, while also being designed for cocktail enthusiasts.
The Bottega Bitter is produced by adding an infusion of bitter herbs, spices, aromatic plants and fruit to a solution of water and food-grade alcohol. It owes its character to a new and original recipe, the product of ongoing experimentation, born from the encounter between Sandro Bottega and Lamberto Vallarino Gancia in Padua at the world’s oldest botanical garden, the kingdom of spices. The careful combination and dosing of quality ingredients give life to a product with a strong and decisive character, which stands out for its freshness, owing to the infusions of chinotto, grapefruit and cedar peels, for its typicality afforded by the pomegranate extract, a perfect and distinctive ingredient, and for its aromatic intensity owing to the large number of botanicals used. A Bitter with a unique and captivating taste, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.



Bottles per carton: 6
Cartons per pallet: 96
Bottle weight (gross): 1.23 Kg
Bottle size: 8.9 x 25.8 x 8.9 cm
Carton weight (gross): 7.8 Kg
Carton dimensions: 27.9 x 27 x 18.9 cm

ABV : 25%

cl 70

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Ruby red.

Characterised on the nose by clear citrus hints, in particular chinotto and cedar aromas, and by its intense spicy tones and particular and original pomegranate fruity note.

Balanced on the palate with an aromaticity that recalls olfactory sensations and a typical bitter note in the finish.

Serving Temperature

6/7 °C

Serving Suggestions

Excellent if lengthened with soda or tonic water and an orange wedge, it is used to prepare numerous cocktails and long drinks famous worldwide, including the Americano and Negroni. It also lends itself to being mixed with fruit juices, in particular orange and grapefruit.

Recommended glass


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