Toronto: First Vertical Tasting Launched by Bottega

12 September 2018

The first Prosecco vertical tasting was organized by Sandro Bottega for the Canadian Press and it took place on September 2018, the 4th at Biagio Ristorante. The term “vertical tasting” refers to a gradual tasting of the same wines but of different vintages, in particular for the evaluation of the noble red wines and Champagne. The challenge was won, since we were able to demonstrate that the Prosecco is a great Sparkling Wine, which can also be appreciated for its longevity. According to the ground features, the yield per hectare and the Sparkling wine method, a quality Prosecco is able to reward the palate with great satisfaction also after 4 or 5 years. In order to last for so long time the wine has certainly to be conserved at the best possible conditions. Great acknowledgement and excellent evaluation achieved the “Vino dei Poeti Prosecco Doc Brut”, vintage 2013.