Chianti DOCG

Chianti is a well-known wine and one of the main symbols  of the great Italian winemaking tradition. With the trademark  Acino d’Oro, Bottega offers a niche product which satisfies  even the most demanding palates.


Silver Winners 2022 International – India Wine Awards – IN (2022)

Chianti (Tuscany) - Italy

Bottles per carton: 6
Cartons per pallet: 70
Bottle weight (gross): 1,30 Kg
Bottle size: 7 x 31.7 x 7 cm
Carton weight (gross): 8.2 Kg
Carton dimensions: 8.2 32.8 x 24 x 16 cm

ABV: 12,5% Sugar, g/l: <2Total Acidity, g/l: 5,00-6,50

cl 75

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Intense ruby red.

Characteristic, complex, with notes of ripe black berries like blueberry, blackberry and currant.

Vinous, with a good structure, it is harmonic and balanced, slightly tannic, with a pleasantly intense finish.

Serving Temperature

16-18° C

Serving Suggestions

It is a perfect match with red or white grilled meat (beef, pork or chicken), with first courses with ragù sauce, but also with soups, risotto, vegetables and pasta (particularly with baked pasta like lasagne).

Recommended glass



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