grappa aldo bottega

Aldo bottega grappa

Young Grappa

It is dedicated to Aldo Bottega, who founded Distilleria Bottega in 1977. As a master distiller who followed in his father’s footsteps, among the alembics he discovered the secrets of distilling pomace, the precious raw material used to produce grappa. Grappa Aldo Bottega is a transparent, crystal clear liquid, characterized by strong personality and organoleptic intensity.


91 Points/Highly Recommended – Ultimate Spirits Challenge – USA (2017)

Veneto, Italy

ABV: 43%

70 cl; 100 cl

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Colorless, transparent and crystal clear.

Fresh and elegant, it is characterized by hints of fresh fruit and a pleasant note reminding of berries.

Strong and balanced, on the palate it is characterized by an intense fruity aftertaste of fresh fruit.

Serving Temperature

10-12° C

Serving Suggestions

Grappa is perfect after meals, as a meditation distillate. It can be enjoyed cold or even chilled, and is an ingredient in cocktails and long drinks. Grappa Aldo Bottega is a perfect match with chocolate, fruit, fruit salads, ice cream and fruit-based semifreddo. It is traditionally used to correct espresso coffee and, in Veneto and Friuli, to dilute the last drops of coffee remaining on the bottom of the cup (Resentin): the invigorating effect of coffee, combined with the relaxing action of alcohol, gives a pleasant sensation of well-being and energy.

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