Espresso: the new Bottega’s liqueur

30 January 2020

The Bottega liqueurs are born from the careful selection of raw materials combined with decades of experience of our oenologists. A range of fresh and aromatic liqueurs, with a unique taste, to which Espresso Bottega is added. A liqueur produced exclusively with Arabica coffee of the precious Sidamo and Djmmah varieties, grown in the mountainous area of Ethiopia. What makes this product unique is not only the excellence of the raw materials used, but also a manufacturing process that involves three different types of roasting and three different methods of extraction of the aromatic compound from the coffee: hot infusion allows to obtain the “mocha hints”, cold infusion gives finesse and enhances the varietal characteristics, while the classic hydro-alcoholic infusion gives the product more body and structure.
The result is a liqueur with multiple sensory nuances. Espresso Bottega is characterized by the intense aroma of mocha, the delicate fruity notes of peach and apricot and by the slight hints of chocolate, which close with delicate green notes, particularly related to the variety Djmmah. Ideal to enjoy after meals to sweeten the palate, or smooth, at a temperature of 3 ° C, or with ice. It can also accompany coffee cakes, dry pastries or add a touch of spirit to the tiramisu, but it is also excellent as an ingredient for the mixing.