Vino dei Poeti Ancestral Spumante

Brut Nature Sparkling Wine

The term “ancestral” refers to an ancient and traditional technique that dates way back and has been passed down through generations to the present day. Ancestral Bottega is the product of painstaking research which has brought to light artisanal winemaking techniques and the “legacy of olden times”. It is a sparkling wine with hardly any sugar, made using this unique wine-making technique which was developed back when the seasons dictated product evolution, well before the onset of modern technology. A wine characterized by almost no residual sugar and a strong and authentic flavor thanks to its humble roots.


Veneto (Treviso and Padua)

11% by vol.

cl 75

Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Slightly cloudy, straw yellow in colour and with an evanescent froth.

Fragrant and characteristic, this wine’s bouquet opens with hints of fruits, with apple and pear standing out. As the months go by, this then develops into more complex aromas of yeast and bread crusts.

Dry yet smooth at the same time, this wine has well-balanced acidity and a remarkably persistent flavor.

Serving Temperature

4/5 °C

Serving Suggestions

There are two different ways to enjoy this product:
> cloudy, in which case at the time of serving, the waiter can carry out a remuage which will cause the yeast to be suspended again, or
> transparent, if you’re careful not to shake it - in this way, the yeast remains at the bottom of the bottle and can then be served separately in a small grappa glass or can be added to the wine, to taste.
An excellent aperitif, this wine offers an eclectic mix of food pairings. It is particularly well-suited to starters (such as battered vegetables), fish first courses (especially seafood-based dishes), vegetables and fish, especially if baked in the oven.

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