Sauvignon IGT Trevenezie

The wines with the geographical indication “TREVENEZIE”  owe their name to “Tre Venezie” or “Le Venezie”, a territory that includes Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia regions, and the province of Trento. This area has an ancient winemaking tradition. Sauvignon, a variety included in this IGT, is among the most widespread white vines. It features a great variety of aromatic components, which find different  expressions according to soils and climates.


ABV %: 12%
Sugar, g/l: <4
Total Acidity, g/l: 5.00-6.50

cl 75

Caratteristiche Organolettiche

Colore e Aspetto
Brilliant, straw yellow with slight green reflections.

Fresh and delicate, with floral notes of elderflower and jasmine, spicy sage hints and fruity notes of bergamot.

Smooth, with a pleasant acidity and freshness, varietal notes of fruit, persistent aftertaste.

Temperatura di Servizio

8-10° C


Ideal as an aperitif, it goes particularly well with light fish courses, asparagus dishes, vegetable soups and risotto.

Bicchiere Consigliato


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